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Wellness Policy

The Norwood Public School district is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children's health, well being and the ability to learn by supporting and teaching healthy eating and physical activity.

The School District will engage students, parents/guardians, teachers, food service professionals, health professionals and other interested community members in developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing district wide nutrition programs and physical activities. They will strive to have qualified professionals deliver such programs.

The School District shall strive to provide nutrition and physical education to foster lifelong habits of healthy eating and physical activity for all students in every grade level.

The School Committee, with assistance from the Superintendent of Schools, shall maintain a School Health Council to help implement, monitor, review and evaluate school nutrition and physical activity policies and practices and to make periodic recommendations to the School Committee on revisions to said policies, or to policies that pertain to other important school health issues. The council shall also serve as a resource to individual schools within the system for implementing said policies. The School Health Council shall consist of individuals from both the school system and the community. It shall include, but not be limited to, individuals from the following groups:
          Parents/Guardians of School Aged Children                               Teachers
          Students                                                                                 School Health Professionals
Nutrition and School Food Service Professionals                         Physical Education and Activity Providers
Members of the School Committee                                            Interested Members of the Public
School Administrators

The Child Nutrition Program shall comply with all federal, state and local requirements and is accessible to all students. Food Safety and Security Guidelines shall be adhered to for all foods served in schools. The Child Nutrition Program, an essential educational support activity, shall aim to be financially self supporting.

The district shall adhere to the competitive foods and beverage guidelines passed by the MA Legislature, these guidelines known as an “Act Relative to School Nutrition”.

The Norwood School Health Council strongly recommends limiting classroom celebrations to once a month to avoid classroom disruption and snacking. The uses of non food celebrations/ recognitions for birthdays are strongly encouraged.

The School District will continue to provide Nutrition Education to students at all levels as part of the comprehensive health education curriculum and aims to integrate nutrition education throughout the curriculum spectrum of math, science, languages and social studies. Supplemental Nutrition education will occur thru health fairs, student assemblies and other enrichment activities.

The School District shall aim to assist families and the community with nutrition education and nutrition educational materials, as well as, promote health education to students, teachers, nurses, principals, staff, PTO/PTA's, and School Councils. The School District will support parents' efforts to provide a healthy diet and daily physical activity for their children.

The schools shall aim to provide opportunities for all students, before, during, and after school, to develop the knowledge and skills for specific physical activities, maintain physical fitness, regularly participate in physical activity, and understand the short and long term benefits of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Teachers, coaches, and other school/ community personnel should not use physical activity (i.e., running laps, pushups) as punishment. Withholding opportunities for physical activity (recess, physical education class) as punishment should be discouraged.

The school district implements a comprehensive  Health curriculum which is in alignment with the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks. Grade appropriate knowledge, skills, and activities in all areas of Health (nutrition, physical activity, substance use/abuse, consumer health, violence prevention, etc..) are in place.

The Council shall meet at least quarterly in order to carry out its responsibilities. Minutes of said meetings shall be forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools and School Committee for their perusal.

This Council shall make all efforts to:
(1)    Facilitate awareness of new state nutrition laws and guidelines to administration, school staff, School Councils, and PTA/PTO’s
(2) Communicate and encourage School Councils and PTO/PTA's to become involved with their parents regarding nutrition
(3) Inform Administration about Professional Development for staffs that are willing to integrate nutrition into their curriculum
(4) Educate staff about the growing nutrition problems within our community

In order to carry out its primary responsibilities, as set forth above, the School Health Council shall develop a School Wellness Policy Evaluation Plan. The plan shall establish criteria that will be used to judge the implementation of the Wellness Policy and its success or failure. The plan must follow guidelines that must be reached for the policy to be considered successful and must also set forth the methods that will be used to gather any and all information necessary to indicate system performance on the criteria relative to said standards.

The criteria shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) A requirement that measurable progress (as determined by the School Health Council) be made in lowering the percentage of Norwood students whose BMI (Body Mass Index) fall into the category of either "overweight1danger of obesity" or "obese" (as defined by the National Institutes of Health)
(2)  Measurable progress be made on the bi-annual Norwood Public Schools Youth Risk Behavior Survey in the health and nutrition components
(3)   Measurable progress (as determined by the School Health Council) be made in surveying stakeholders (i.e.: Principals, Nurses, etc.) in the implementation of the wellness policy

In order to help defray any costs that may be associated with the implementation of Norwood's Wellness Policy, the Council shall assist appropriate School District employees in researching, recommending and applying for wellness ¬related grants that may be available through the state government, federal government, businesses and non profit agencies. The Council shall also assist the School District in the development of events designed to focus attention on school wellness issues.

It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools to ensure system wide compliance with established nutrition and physical activity wellness policies. Within each school, the Principal, or his/her designee, shall ensure compliance with those policies and will report on the school's compliance status to the Superintendent.

The Food Services Director shall ensure compliance with nutrition policies within the School Food Service areas and shall periodically report on this matter to the Superintendent of Schools. 

The Superintendent of Schools, working in conjunction with the School Health Council, shall develop a summary report every two (2) years on district wide compliance with the system's established nutrition and physical activity wellness policies and overall wellness progress which is based on input from individual schools within the system. That report shall be provided to the School Committee and shall also be distributed to PTO/PTA's, school principals, and school health service personnel in the District.

In order to preserve the integrity of the Norwood Wellness Policy, assessments shall be conducted at each school within the system every two (2) years. The assessments shall be designed to gauge policy compliance, assess progress and determine areas in need of improvement. As part of that assessment, the building principal, working in conjunction with the School Health Council, shall review implementation of nutrition and physical activity policies, the provision of an environment that supports healthy eating and physical activity, and the implementation of nutrition and physical education policies and program elements. The assessment shall also be used to identify and prioritize wellness needs within individual schools.

The results of these school by school assessments shall be compiled at the district level by the School Health Council and forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools for his/her use in developing his/her biennial wellness report.

Submitted to the Norwood School Committee:   4/10/06
Adopted by Norwood School Committee:  6/5/06
Updated by the School Health Council:  5/2012
Adopted by Norwood School Committee:  6/5/12

Members of the School Health Council

Tara Noyes                 Health & P.E. 6-12, Dept Chair      
Jane McLucas             Food Service Director                   
Jill Driscoll                  Nurse Leader, Oldham                  
Brianne Killion             Principal, Prescott School             
Diane Ferriera              Principal, Willett School               
Joe Conti                     Teacher, PE& Health                   
Linda Schorer               Teacher, P.E & Health                 
Aimee Worcester          Teacher, P.E. & Health                
Terri Abely                    Nurse, Cleveland                         
Linda  Davenport            High School Parent, RD              
Jen Currivan                  Cleveland Parent                        
Stacey Lane                 Norwood Board of Health              

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