Elementary Math - Parent Resources

Elementary Math Night - December 1, 2015 

Visit the Summer Math page for other math ideas and resources!

Here are a listing of other suggestions/recommendations that you can do with your child to promote math learning.

  1. Practice counting money with real coins
  2. Let your child help you cook -- cooking involves counting and measuring
  3. Help your child learn the math vocabulary -- academic vocabulary
  4. Point out math in our everyday lives
  5. Provide paper or a whiteboard for your child to work on when you ask them difficult questions.
  6. Be positive and supportive
  7. Try to set aside your distaste for math and encourage your children as much as possible. 

Remember young children are eager to learn.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jill Milton, Elementary Math Coordinator at jmilton@norwood.k12.ma.us