Grades 9-11

Summer Reading 2017


Why do we have required summer reading?

We believe that all students, whether continuing their education or joining the work force/military, need to be able to read and write effectively.  We further believe that summer reading encourages students to maintain skills learned during the school year. Through their reading of one of the selected summer texts, students will be exposed to some of the themes that are woven throughout our core literature. Therefore, students will have a common base that will help them make connections to the texts read in class.  Taking notes will enable students to remember key points of their reading and will assist them in the writing of the in-class essay.  

What are our goals and objectives for Summer Reading?

  • To maintain skills learned prior to summer
  • To encourage students to read closely and take notes effectively
  • To help students form thematic connections between texts
  • To gather samples of student writing to assess writing strengths and weaknesses

What are the assignments?     When are they due?

A.  TWO-COLUMN NOTES                                            THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL*

  • One page of notes per section of the book
  • Three elements per page, as follows:
    • Characterization/Character Development
    • Conflict (Internal and External)
    • Significant Quotations with Explanation
  • Three-five details (examples/quotations) per element
  • Include page number with each quotation
  • Refer to the assignment sheets for specific assignment and partial model

B.  IN-CLASS ESSAY                                                    WRITTEN IN THE THIRD CLASS

  • Analytical essay
  • Use two-column notes to inform writing

A grade for each assignment will be incorporated into the first term average. The two-column notes are worth two homework assignments, and the In-Class Essay is worth 10% of the term 1 grade. 
*Late two-column notes assignments will not be accepted.

We encourage students to read more than just the selected work and to keep a log of their other reading experiences.

Please know that Norwood's Morrill Memorial Public Library has copies of our summer reading books in various formats available for signing out. Please refer to the following document which will be updated as needed: Summer Reading Books in Various Formats Available at the Norwood Public Library